Since 1999, we have helped advocate for Guadalupe youth by assisting them through guidance, tutoring, basic needs assistance, and meaningful projects. Much of the work of Flight 33 is accomplished by volunteers and through donations.

Our Vision 

  • All children have the tools necessary to excel in school.
  • Children's abilities and talents are respected and honored.
  • Parents are made to feel a part of the process of education and can take pride in the success of their children.
  • Children know that they have opportunities and are capable of achieving success in school and extracurricular activities.
  • Each child will:
    • finish high school and/or vocational school.
    •  have the financial and educational means to attend college
    • have job training.
    • develop his or her talents.
  • Youth from all walks of life will come together in service to each other.


FLIGHT 33 was born on February 17, 1999, as Christine Puzauskas watched the evening news in her home in Tempe, Arizona. A tragedy had just occurred in the town of Guadalupe, Arizona. A murder-suicide left six children without parents and their grandmother, mourning the loss of her daughter, as their sole caretaker. Chris, moved by the tragedy, found the family and discovered that 20 grandchildren were affected by the loss. Chris's family, and the church youth program she founded, FLIGHT, Freedom to Live the Truth®, began helping the family. Volunteers brought food, clothes and helped the children with homework. This service component of the youth program evolved into FLIGHT 33. FLIGHT 33 was awarded, 501 (c)(3) status in 2003. Chris, as volunteer director, and a dedicated board of directors and FLIGHT crew continue the mission.